As Brooks continues to expand its product portfolio and global manufacturing, sales and support infrastructure, a strong supply chain is becoming increasingly critical to our ongoing success. As a result, our company is committed to developing partnerships with best-in-class suppliers from machining and PCB assembly service providers through computer systems, software and networking vendors to office equipment and supply companies.  Brooks is open to sharing information and processes as a means to best leverage each supplier relationship and bring world-class products to customers more efficiently and cost effectively.

If you're a supplier interested in doing business with Brooks, we encourage you to use the tools and information on this web site to assess the potential for a mutually beneficial business relationship.  We select suppliers to support localized business units or to provide global service for multiple business units, offices and manufacturing facilities.

  • Purchase Terms & Conditions - All Purchase Orders placed by Brooks units are subject to these specific terms and conditions.
  • Supply Chain Policy - The Brooks Ethics Policy informs business partners of the internal control and corporate fiduciary responsibility policies and procedures we follow in conducting our daily business operations worldwide.
  • Supplier Documents - Procedures, forms, templates and FAQs.
  • Supplier Initiated Action Request (SIAR) Form - Submit a request for information or any type of change that will impact fit, form, function, appearance, reliability or cost.