Pathway Repair and Refurbishment

The Brooks Advantage

We offer exclusive repair, refurbishment, and upgrade programs based on 40+ years of experience in designing and servicing precision automation equipment to support customers’ critical process needs.

  • Proprietary OEM testing ensures all serviced products perform to the original specifications.
  • OEM qualified and controlled parts deliver proven reliability.
  • Robust supply chain management meets stringent industry demands.
  • All repair technicians are factory trained and certified.
  • Closed-loop process with support from design and reliability engineers facilitates resolution of complex problems.
  • Refurbishment processes extend the useful life of products and mitigate component obsolescence.
  • Repair-only options minimize service costs for robots not needing a factory refurbishment.

Brooks offers Fixed Price Repair & Refurbishment programs for automation products to support your operational needs.

Vacuum Robotics

Brooks repair services for vacuum robots deliver unmatched value:

  • Products refurbished by Brooks are reliable and can be trusted to operate per specification when needed
  • Brooks resets the useful life of robots via our product refurbishment offering. Our refurbished product life is typically 2X other offerings.
  • Brooks investment in extending product life enables support of products fielded for >20 years.

Mag 7 Robot Repair
MagnaTran® 7

Mag 8 Robot Repair
MagnaTran® 8

MagnaTran LEAP Robot Repair
MagnaTran® LEAP

VAC-407 Robot Repair
VAC-407 Vacuum Robot Repair

Atmospheric Robotics
  • Brooks procedures, equipment, and materials are exclusive, ensuring product performance to original product specifications.
  • Obsolescence management and investment extends the product life cycle, enabling customers to operate their tools longer.
  • Support from the original Design Engineers drives Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) and accelerates resolution of complex problems.

Reliance Robot Repair
Reliance™ ATR™ 8
Atmospheric Robot

Reliance Robot Repair
Atmospheric Robot Repair


Aculigner Robot Repair

AcuTran AquaTran Robot Repair
Atmospheric Robot Repair


Robot Controller
Robot Controller

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