VCE Load Locks

Brooks is a global leader in the production of vacuum handling robots and modules for semiconductor wafer processing, flat panel display manufacturing, and other complex manufacturing environments. We earned our technology and market leadership position by amassing unparalleled intellectual property that differentiates our best-in class products and provides significant throughput, reliability, and serviceability advantages. The Brooks field-proven wafer transport robots and modules deliver high performance and low total cost of ownership to create manufacturing efficiency, accelerate innovation, and drive profits for today’s manufacturers.

The Brooks VCE 6 Vacuum Cassette Elevator load lock enables safe, clean AGV, RGV, or human operator transfer of up to 200mm, SEMI standard wafer cassettes. It is available in three styles:

  • Cassette Buffer Load Station with Cassette Transfer Arm
  • Ergonomic Tilt Platform and Cassette Guide
  • Cassette Transfer Arm Platform

The VCE 6 Vacuum Cassette Elevator load lock provides cost-effective, state-of-the-art factory interfacing that suits your specific wafer fabrication environment. It is designed for ultra-clean and reliable operation with full environmental isolation ranging from 10-6 scale high vacuum to just above atmospheric pressure.

Key Features

  • Automated, actuated door
  • Isolated drive mechanism
  • Chamber configured for a flush, clean room wall interface
  • Integral, intelligent sensing capabilities including wafer position in cassette, wafer protruding out of cassette, and cassette on platform
  • CE/S2 compliant