MagnaTran® 7 Leapfrog® Vacuum Robot

Dual Arm, Same Side Wafer Transfer Robot for Highest Throughput Applications in Vacuum Cluster Tools

The MagnaTran® 7 Leapfrog® robot retains all of the features and benefits of the MagnaTran Product Family while having the highest throughput available in demanding cluster tool applications.

Ultra high throughput is achieved by use of Time Optimal Trajectory™ algorithms. Continuous rotation capability precludes the need for moves of more than 180 degrees. Direct drive servo and proprietary DSP controller minimize vibration. The patented Leapfrog® arm enables both wafer exchange and buffering.

Key Features

  • Highest throughput MagnaTran 7 Robot
  • Handles wafer sizes through 300mm
  • Compact, direct drive technology with no dynamic seals, drive belts or cables
  • Proven > 11 million MCBF reliability
  • Integrally mounted, DSP-based control electronics
  • Advanced firmware for local and remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • CE and SEMI S2 compliant


  • Compatible with state-ofthe-art cluster tools.
  • Very high throughput.
  • VHV compatibility.
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Maximum operating speed.
  • Global serviceability.
  • Safer recovery from power loss.

Best-In-Class MagnaTran technology features a direct magnetic drive. Low friction, less wear and tear with lower torque produce fewer failures. Vibration and particles are also kept at a minimum. This design facilitates high positional accuracy without edge contact. No lip seals or ferro-fluidic seals result in better vacuum performance, no water in the transport chamber and better deposition of PVD films. Integral control electronics provide a smaller footprint, lower susceptibility to electronic interference, smaller packaging and higher reliability.

Comprehensive diagnostics routines can be monitored by graphic interface on a remote, modem linked, service terminal. A view-trace utility enables monitoring of programmed and actual acceleration at the end effector. Error logging with prior events are time and date stamped. Cycle counters operate in non-volatile memory. In summary, graphic monitoring of critical performance characteristics is possible.

Multi-Sensor Interfacing via high speed digital I/O enables direct interface to substrate sensors and other peripheral modules such as valves. Real time information enables position referencing by edge sensing of moving components. Dynamic Sensing in user specified radial positions enables independent wafer sensing on the Leapfrog arm. The PASIV™ Safety Feature (Programmable Access Safety Inclusion Volumes) provides user programmable access zones to prevent possible collision during manual operation thus ensuring a high level of safety for valuable wafers and process equipment.