MagnaTran® 7 Frogleg™ Vacuum Robot

Wafer Transfer Robot for Vacuum Cluster Tool Applications

The MagnaTran® 7 Frogleg™ robot incorporates all the technical advantages of the MagnaTran Product Family resulting in a demonstrated mean cycle between failures (MCBF) of > 11 million.

The simple design has a minimum of moving parts. Its direct magnetic drive has no dynamic vacuum seals thus reducing friction and wear resulting in fewer failures. Less vibration, low particles, and high positional repeatability without edge contact are achieved by the elimination of stepper motors. The integral field-proven electronics not only provides a smaller footprint but also a lower susceptibility to electronic interference resulting in higher reliability.

Key Features

  • Handles wafer sizes through 300mm and nonstandard substrates
  • Patented Frogleg™ Arm 
  • Proven > 11 million MCBF reliability
  • Patented Time Optimal Trajectory™\
  • Workspace user programmable access zones
  • Automatic wafer centering with external sensing
  • CE and SEMI S2 compliant


  • Compatible with state-of-the-art cluster tools
  • High throughput
  • Compact footprint
  • VHV compatibility
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Maximum operating speed
  • Global serviceability
  • Wafer and equipment safety
  • Facilitates upgrade forincreased productivity

High throughput is achieved by Time Optimal Trajectory™ algorithms which result in transfer speeds 15 to 30 percent faster than s-curve profiles. The continuous rotation capability precludes the need for moves of more than 180 degrees and the direct drive servo with Brooks proprietary DSP controller minimizes vibration.

The Workspace user programmable access zones prevent possible collision during manual operation thus ensuring the safety of high value wafers and process equipment. Comprehensive diagnostics may be accomplished with a graphic interface at a remote, modem linked, service terminal. Error logging with prior events are time and date stamped. Cycle counters are in non-volatile memory and critical performance characteristics may be monitored graphically. Multi-Sensor Interfacing is accomplished by high speed digital I/O which enables a direct interface to substrate sensors and other peripheral modules such as valves. Real time information allows position referencing by edge sensing of moving components. The wafer presence may be referenced in macro sequences for safety.