Smart Tag Infrared 8200 and 8400 Family

The Brooks Auto ID System is the leading automated carrier ID system used in automated semiconductor fabs today. It combines the latest display, logic, and communication technologies and provides a versatile electronic run card. The system offers solutions to track, identify and manage Front-Opening-Unified-Pods (FOUPs), SMIF-Pods, cassettes, reticles, operators, and probe cards.

An identification tag is attached to the item to be tracked (200mm pod, 300mm FOUP, cassette, etc.) and a reader is integrated into process, metrology and material handling equipment. With readers integrated into SMIF load ports, stockers, and manual work-in-progress (WIP) storage shelves, there’s no need for paper lot travelers and run cards. The reader automatically communicates the lot ID upon arrival at a tool.

Smart Tag™ (Infrared ID)

The SMART Tag can be integrated into 200mm and 150mm SMIF load ports, stocker I/Os, and WIP racks. It automatically communicates the lot ID upon arrival at a tool.

Wireless communication technologies (Radio Frequency and Infrared), incorporated by the SMART-Traveler System, enable the tags to communicate reliably with minimum power consumption.

Maximum Productivity & Profitability

  • Eliminates misprocessing and increases tool productivity, automatically identifying lots, reticles and probe cards.
  • Speeds the location and delivery of lots to tools, managing manual and automated WIP, and reticle storage.
  • Increases operator productivity with integrated data displays that let operators access lot/tool specific data where and when they need it.
  • Reduces system cost and increases system reliability.
  • Provides flexible auto ID systems that can be used in a variety of applications – in both manual and automated fabs.
  • In use at more than 100 fabs world-wide.
  • Meets all applicable SEMI standards.